Sheet Metal Alchemist

Engineering Focused Centerpieces

Engineering Focused Centerpieces for Experiential Marketing, Touring Events, Architects, and Public Artists


Sheet Metal Alchemist was started by Sean Cusack in 2013 to fill the market need for complex engineering based centerpieces. Although many fabrication companies had and still exist, many rely upon a business model ill equipped to handle complex architecture and event needs. Historically, fabrication companies require a non-changing plan, complete with drawings to begin fabrication. Additionally, many fabrication shops are specialized, and will only quote jobs within their area of expertise. Commonly, those looking to create truly unique experiences require the expertise of several disciplines like electronics, engineering, metal fabrication, CNC tooling, and computer design.

Sheet Metal Alchemist was formed to address these issues. Using his engineering background as a basis, Sean set out to create a company which integrated the design studio with the fabrication and electronics floor. By integrating these teams in house, Sheet Metal Alchemist is capable of handling more complex projects faster than anyone in the industry. Our portfolio reflects the power to amaze visitors and event goers with truly unique and innovative physical experiences.

We are looking forward to tackling your innovative new idea.


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lara edge, CFO

Lara’s background education is in audio engineering and journalism. Her former career included public relations and corporate communications, while consistently pursuing hobbies in the arts through studio work and leading community art spaces. In an effort to better pursue her true passion of metalworking, Lara became a Techshop instructor for welding, metalshop, and organic sheet metal classes. After transitioning out of the corporate world, Lara and Sean created Sheet Metal Alchemist.  She splits her time between Oakland and Brooklyn conducting business development and business operations as well as coordinating production requirements with our on floor team to ensure perfectly executed event commissions in the field.


Sean’s background is in materials science and chemical engineering. Through his degree he was introduced to metalwork via metallurgy, and has since turned it into his full time career. Before founding Sheet Metal Alchemist, Sean was a career oncology researcher working in development of new cancer therapies with pharmaceutical companies. Sean left his life as a researcher to take an artist residency for Instructables, which was immediately followed by a job offer to manage the new Autodesk Pier 9 Workshop because of his proficiency in complex computer controlled tooling as well as his design background. Sean still maintains his connection with their Artist and Residence program, and helps shape new technologies and curriculum for incoming artists.


Matthew has a background in theater and stage design. After graduating college, Matthew worked several fabrication jobs – including becoming a union carpenter, an environment fabricator for Delphi – an event and conference fabrication company, and SF Metalworks where Matthew gained extensive experience in stainless steel, aluminum, and pewter fabrication. Before Matthew worked with Sheet Metal Alchemist full time, he was one of our key contractors. Matthew cemented himself as a key SMA team member through his unique and creative solutions to challenging conditions onsite, and continues to design innovative solutions for difficult problems on our shop floor.