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GE's Super Smoker - Designed, Fabricated, and Presented onsite by Sheet Metal Alchemist

The GE BBQ Research Center was envisioned by New Creatures as a way to bring the complex concepts to an approachable level at SXSW 2015. Sheet Metal Alchemist was hired to design, fabricate, and run several pieces for the event. The centerpiece of the commission was a 15' tall "Super Smoker" which used temperature, humidity, and smoke velocity sensors to give the pitmaster information on the smoking process. The technology in the Super Smoker is an analog to the Industrial Internet sensors which GE uses every day on its large scale power generation and rail monitoring equipment. 


Custom software written for GE's Super Smoker monitors internal temperatures, smoke velocity, cooking completion, and humidity.

Although the initial investment in GE's Super Smoker was for SXSW in 2015, the piece was built for permanent touring. Since SXSW, it has appeared at internal company events, a college recruiting tour, and at Super Bowl 50 where it was also featured in a commercial.