Sheet Metal Alchemist

Engineering Focused Centerpieces

Engineering Focused Centerpieces for Experiential Marketing, Touring Events, Architects, and Public Artists

viSualize program

Do you dream big, but need help realizing your dreams? If so, listen up. The ViSualize program exists to help novice artists proceed from concept to finished piece. In the program, Sheet Metal Alchemist pays for the materials for your piece, provides shop space, and provides CAD modeling instruction and support to bring your piece from a nebulous napkin scribble to a full blown work of art. The SMA business development team then helps you to market your piece for exhibition in public places, events, and even private sales. At the conclusion of the program, the artist and Sheet Metal Alchemist share ownership of the piece.

The program is intended to teach artists how to better utilize CNC toolsets and CAD based modeling for the simple to the extreme. It is how we work everyday, and we know that it is different than many people have considered working before.


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